Welcome to our world where lost ancient knowledge is treasured.

Common among The Indian Vedas, The Roman healing process based on herbs, chants and charms or the Greek medicinal rituals is treating one with pure and natural ingredients from Nature.
This Ancient mystical knowledge is available around us but we seldom notice them.
At Mystic Ved, we are harnessing this knowledge and curating them into products for individual skin type as every skin is unique and needs its unique care.
The products are formulated to balance the skin’s Natural Oils and provide the body with the benefits of Essential oils. They are designed to please the 5 senses-
The Touch- The Fragrance- The Appearance- The Vibrations- The Palate.
With a belief that Natural personal care is a necessity and not a luxury, this care needs to be accessible for each one.
With the belief in Natural essence for body and Personal care being a necessity, we have crafted Mystic Ved by not overselling ‘Natutal and Organic’ and making people feel good about their skin.

We are a community and Not just a brand.

We wish to build a Community of people sensitive towards their personal care and treating it with Natural essences.

By being a part of our community, you are contributing to a greener environment and supporting the growth of the financially weaker sections of the society

We aspire to make people trust the quality of our products.